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Excel Bookkeeping: How to Do Small Business Accounting in Excel

free excel accounting software

Otherwise, you may need to manually record the same transactions in your profit and loss statement to generate the income statement. In comparison with free accounting software free accounting software in excel, Instabooks is a better accounting software for small businesses. Wondering what is the difference between income statement and profit and loss statement?

free excel accounting software

They shouldn’t need to track their receivables and payables anywhere else. The example shows just a month’s worth of transactions, but imagine your spreadsheet lists of transactions for an entire year. You could use a PivotTable to separate your transactions by month to better understand your company’s cash flow. That would take hours by hand, but it’s only moments with PivotTables.

Accurate alternative for Free accounting software in excel

This pulls info from your Transactions and performs some basic calculations. Then it summarizes how much income your business has earned and spent within a defined date range.

Tracking inventory in a spreadsheet is extremely time-consuming, especially if you have a lot of different products to track. QuickBooks Online Plus will track inventory automatically and split costs between COGS and ending inventory. If you’re focusing less on overall accounting and more on your financial statements, our Financial Statements Template will fit the bill. And if you really love a particular Excel accounting template — like ours — you can even use it alongside’s more dynamic template.

How To Use Our Bill & A/P Tracker Template

For example, if you add an expense, make sure that the new formula includes that new entry in your list of business expenses. Remember that your chart of accounts won’t look exactly as the one above because different companies have different types of transactions. Therefore, feel free to add or remove accounts as necessary. Overall, this sheet will serve as your point of reference to remind you how to categorize your various transactions. So, while Microsoft Excel is helpful for bookkeeping, you’ll still need to put in some work to ensure that all the data you record is accurate.

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